Parking Lot Renovations


We were oh, so close to beginning our long awaited parking lot renovation project.  We have all the plans and bids and were scheduling construction, then… Mother Nature decided it was time for her to make a grand entrance!

After many discussions with our professional contractors and looking at our options of completing the project in stages, the Board of Directors has decided that it is in the best interest of the Center to begin the project in spring 2019.

We are grateful for the generous donations and support of our community for this project.  Soon we will have a colored rendering of the improvements that will be posted at the Center and online. The plans include a safe, accessible rear parking lot, parking spots for meal delivery drop off/pick up, a circle drive for the front door entrance, and a beautiful greenspace where we will be able to provide music, art, exercise and gardening programs. We are beyond excited and cannot wait to celebrate our new space with the Ed-Glen community!

Main Street Community Center
Board of Directors